Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tips for choosing student accommodation

Ok so you have completed fresher’s year, you are now not the newest additions to the University campus and it’s time to spread your wings and fly (drunkenly) to a privately rented, shared house. You will be entirely responsible (with the other stooges) for choosing your new pad and top of the list is room for a giant paddling pool in the garden so you can have topless diving competitions with the cheerleading girls. Other than that you haven’t given much thought to what is needed from a house, after all Mum and Dad have always been responsible for such tedious concerns and it has not been something you have had to consider. Until now that is!

So what do you need to look for when choosing student accommodation?

Firstly, consider that student accommodation is usually somewhat cheaper than your everyday accommodation for working folk. Why is this? Usually the standard of property is perhaps not adequate for those who work all day to put a roof over their heads and they want more from prospective housing! So you may find the decor isn’t great, the mod cons aren’t up to scratch and the garden rather than being laid to lawn would be more suitable for mud wrestling.

With this out of the way, knowing that you will be picking from houses which offer good value for money (they are liveable but not palaces!) what do you need to look out for.

Structure is always quite high on the list – is there a roof, walls and a door that locks? Are there unbroken windows? Does there seem to be any concerning cracks in the walls or tiles missing from the roof that are going to cause you problems when you are actually living there and realise that the bucket on the landing is not a water feature!

Central heating should be a priority. If you are looking at houses over the Summer months before term starts in September this may not occur to you but I am quite certain you will become aware of a lack of heating by about November when you are freezing, sat wearing all of your clothes under a quilt.

Running water – both hot and cold is ideal. Assuming that at some point you will want to wash and hopefully wash a few dishes (at least give them a rinse before reusing them!) A lack of hot water or even intermittent issues will cause you some upset in the long term. Cold showers are not nice at the best of times and after all, you will need some warm water to top up the pool you are installing in the garden to encourage the Ladies over!

Electricity without too many exposed wires is fairly important – fires are not ideal so any sort of exposed wiring needs to be seriously considered! Electric shocks aren’t great either. Lighting is important if you intend to do at least some study whilst at Uni and often students live nocturnally which would put lighting quite high on the list.

Does the toilet flush?
Do the windows open?
Is there carpet?
Does the oven work?
Is the kitchen completely filth ridden or can you work with it to prepare food without being seriously poisoned?

Obviously it may come down to picking some of the above, depending on the quality of the private student housing in your area – in which case you will need to prioritise based on order of importance. I would suggest starting higher up the list and avoiding bigger concerns first! Now, time to decide where you are going to park the pool!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Pricey rooms for students.

Pricey rooms for students.

There are an abundance of places to stay for students in the United Kingdom. As a student, you will have to have a spot for rest and recreation. The majority of us realize that as a student you can not afford luxury lodgings. It truly is only natural to view students seek inexpensive lodgings. If you wish to remain a while within the United Kingdom, you have to seek less expensive lodgings. Good places to stay which are very affordable will generally remain in demand. In the event you do not have revenue, you can not afford pricey private places to stay. Most students are on a tight budget. You can expect to need to work component time to make ends meet as a student within the United Kingdom. You will find several options for students within the UK. Sharing accommodations is often less expensive. You could even attempt a youth hostel for living quarters in the United Kingdom. You'll find unique dormitories in the event you wish to share accommodation. There can be hostels inside the United Kingdom that cater to the student population. Students can rest assured that they're going to locate superb accommodations inside the United Kingdom of Fantastic Britain and Northern Ireland. Some students get to reside with households. This could be an incredible experience after you live with households. In the event you reside with households, you get bed and breakfast also. Student accommodations are far less expensive inside the rural areas on the UK. Students would acquire huge cities just like London to become each pricey. Cities for instance London and Manchester are high-priced for students. Less expensive lodgings are quite beneficial too. In some cases, less costly accommodation ms is usually just as fantastic if not much better. There can be all sorts of lodgings for students inside the UK. You have to try and book lodgings ahead of time. Most students leave it until quite late with regards to lodging. In recent years, students have been coming from various regions with the planet to study in the United Kingdom. Students from distinct components of the planet flock to schools in the UK. It can be much easier to study within the UK as English is spoken worldwide. You should plan ahead since it is costly to study within the United Kingdom. As a student, you have to be rapid to obtain correct places to stay. Have you ever noticed how expensive cities just like London are for students? With no proper support, you could find it arduous to acquire accommodations. If you want to study inside the UK, you should have student visa. As a student, you will be permitted aspect time perform with a permit. Studying and working within the UK may be good enjoyable. For some it truly is a dream come accurate after they land in the UK as a student. Acquiring a diploma from a College within the UK may be excellent for your profession. There are actually some exceptional professional courses and degrees within the UK. You can find some fantastic schools using a wealthy history inside the United Kingdom. In the event you get a diploma from these reputable universities, your future is assured. Every year students flock to schools in the UK. Young women and men who study within the United Kingdom realize that they have a massive opportunity to accomplish effectively in life. You may need wonderful rooms and lodging to take pleasure in your keep in the United Kingdom. You might need to look for accommodation off campus as well.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nottingham University roacks

So I am attending university in the great city of Nottingham. To be more precise I am at Nottingham Trent University. For whatever reason this Uni gets a bit of flack from those who attend The University of Nottingham, and also from comedians at the local comedy clubs. But I do not care as my course is going great and I am having so much fun.
The first thing about coming to University is how it all works, these buildings are absolutely massive and pretty creative:
 The lecture halls are huge and you really are given your independence. Sure some take the wrong kind of advantage out of that where others are far more sensible. Me I like to think i fit somewhere in the middle.

All through life you hear people mention that these should be the best days of your life and now I think I know why. My god, living from home is awsome. I have my own student accommodation, at present it is in the halls as i am in my first year. But next year we are going to move into a student house which will be even more fun. Halls are great. Your student accommodation is certainly nice and modern with all amenities working. You have a 24hr care taker and handyman but you also have security. This is great for getting into the swing of living away from home and starting you university life in a comfortable manner.

Like many though I was nervous about moving out so I found a great site that explained different things and shared tips, you can view it here. Armed with information I felt ready for the big wide world, especially as I only cam from a small town!

I am looking forward to living in a student house next year, with this I imagine I will gain even more freedom and also be a lot more independent and able to do as I like. I have a great  hunch friends around me and so I am sure we will have the most fun ever. I am thinking of plenty of movies, party's and of course sleep in a large double bed. That is right in my halls they are all single beds, not to worry.